International Editions

Hello! I seem to have forgotten this section of my site exists, but with all the questions about international editions of my book and where you can buy it, check out the Buy My Book part of my website first! Below, I’ll get a little more into non-US editions of my book, and what’s coming next.


(The Spanish edition looks awesome!)

Language releases include :

Spanish (out now!)

Portuguese (Brazil)


Complex Chinese (Taiwan)


There are a few more I still have to be quiet about right now, but they are coming!

A question I get a lot is where you can buy the book. I always post all the information given to me about releases, so don’t worry – I’m not leaving you in the dark on purpose, I probably just haven’t gotten the information yet. Right now the Buy My Book section of the page covers all the official places I have been given.

But if your country / region isn’t listed, check out Book Depository. They’ll ship the English edition for free to anywhere in the world.

Thanks again!!!


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